coolcept flex 1 MPPT

coolcept fleX | 1 MPP-Tracker

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Reliable technology – even more versatile

With coolcept fleX KATEK Memmingen introduces the successor generation to the established coolcept-topology. Coolcept fleX offers a creative energy concept for any modern home.

What is coolcept fleX?
The brand-new electronic platform is being used as the technological heart of the next generation of solar electronics and connects photovoltaics-based power generation, load management, and even e-mobility for the first time ever. The coolcept fleX platform is open with regard to its future use, it is still implemented on a single board. This extremely small and compact format permits the use of affordable standard components on the circuit board. Thus making it possible to use the same device for various differing applications.

coolcept fleX inverter
Coolcept fleX is the centerpiece of the new inverter generation. As usual, with nominal powers of 1.5 – 5,0 kW, they attain particularly high peak efficiencies.

The advantages of coolcept flex inverters
coolcept fleX is flexible. Multiple MPP trackers allow handling simple or even complicated module fields.

coolcept fleX is tough und uncomplicated.
Indoor and outdoor installation is enabled by a robust IP65- Casing. However, the product line is not only one of the lightest in its class, but is also very easy to install too.

coolcept fleX is future-proof.
KATEK Memmingen is offering an integrated, future-proof concept for energy generation, consumption, storage and feeding for the modern home of tomorrow.


One for all
This incomparably affordable all-in one solution offers functions for very different applications and is even scalable in relation to the power requirement. Whether you need one or more MPP trackers, high-voltage or low-voltage storage, or a solution with or without an emergency power supply – everything is possible. KATEK Memmingen has already thought of and prepared for charging an electric vehicle straight from a PV generator. The new components and setting options enable use in many countries.

Maximum efficiencies at all input voltages and reliable cooling concept

The maximum efficiencies of the state-of-the-art power electronics topology ensure minimal losses, thus guaranteeing a very long service life thanks to extremely low levels of self-heating.